Kayden Stephenson, 16, looks like your typical teenage boy. Cute, blonde hair, a billion dollar smile. The Tulsa-based teen auditioned on tonight's (Jan. 31) episode of 'American Idol' in Oklahoma City, revealing that he has been singing since he was four and that this is his dream. Standard 'Idol' stuff, right? Not even close, since he suffers from cystic fibrosis.

He acknowledged that he doesn't have as long to live as most of us and that his condition is terminal, as his life expectancy is 35. He confessed that it is scary for him, but he wants to do everything he can while he is young and able-bodied. What an ambitious, inspiring young man.

Since he is an underdog and a "feel good story," we pretty much knew he'd earn a pass by tugging at the strings of the judge's hearts before he ever opened his mouth. But he didn't coast on sympathy, as the kid can sing.

Stephenson sang Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish.' He had a high voice, reminding Nicki Minaj of a "baby Michael." She meant the late, great Michael Jackson, of course.

Carey said she was "beyond inspired. Let's go make the record now. You've got the swag." Notice that she one-upped Minaj's comment, since "inspired' wasn't good enough to describe Stephenson in her mind. Simma down now!

Stephenson flirted with the divalicious Carey, pointing out the bling on her finger and saying, "You look beautiful as always." He had such a winning personality. What a charmer!

Kayden Stephenson has the makings of a teen idol -- Bieber? Simpson? Mahone? Lookout!