Keenan Cahill is building his empire one song at a time. In his latest lip sync sensation, the YouTube star calls on the assistance of Tinie Tempah for a mouthed rendition of the English rapper's own hit, 'Till I'm Gone.'

In the video, the hilarious internet star mouths along to the words (sort of) as Tempah spits them on the track. By about the 20-second mark, in walks Tinie himself with his own rhymes from the Wiz Khalifa featured track. Despite the fact that it's his own song, the rap star still mouths the words over the recording, just like Cahill, staying true to the hilarity.

Keenan has made a name for himself 'covering' tracks from today's hottest artists on YouTube, but his fame doesn't stop there. Thanks to his funny lip-run tunes, the young star has been able to appear with Sara Bareilles in her 'Uncharted' video, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and the 'Glee' stars, among others. We can't get enough of Keenan, and we don't think A-listers can, either.

Watch Keenan Cahill Perform 'Till I'm Gone' With Tinie Tempah