Kelly Clarkson fans, we've got a serious treat for you! No, it's not a new single, but it's new information about an upcoming single! Yes, we'll take whatever we can get from Kelly because it feels like we've been living in a world void of new Kelly Clarkson music for far too long. And thankfully, Kelly seems to realize that. So she took to Twitter to let fans in on a little secret about her new material, and we're totally stoked.

According to Kelly, the new stuff is headed in a pop direction, though she made sure to let everyone know that no matter what genre her material falls in, she'll forever be influenced by everything she loves, so there's no telling what'll come next.

Further exciting news? She mentions a duet -- though she doesn't specifically name the person involved, simply hinting that whoever it is is someone she's sung with before. Considering the fact that Kelly's been in the game for over ten years at this point (we know, it's insane to even think about!) it could really be anyone at this point.

Finally, her last tweet hinted even further about the nature of the first single. She name-dropped Dr. Dre and 'Proof of Life.' What!? You can check out those tweets below:

All we can say is we hope the new material comes sooner rather than later! What do you guys think? Totally stoked? Let us know!

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