Get ready to see a darker side of Kelly Clarkson! The 'Stronger' singer confirmed to MTV News Canada that her next single will be 'Dark Side' -- and that she already has an idea for the video.

"I always like to come up with the concept visually of what I'd like to see," Clarkson said excitedly, "and then I let the directors run with it. They're so creative and they always have such great ideas, and I think it's better when you have all these people involved and all these ideas are flowing."

Clarkson evaded questions asking for details about the video. "No, I don't wanna give it away!" she insisted. She did offer, though, that "It's probably different than what you'd be thinking. I actually just sent out the idea I want to run," she gushed before getting on the topic of the other clips from 'Stronger'. "All three of these videos will be very different!"

Clarkson previously hinted at 'Dark Side' being the third single off the hit record and why she loves the song so much. “There’s only a couple slower songs on the record. It’s very much a cardio kind of album. I like ‘Dark Side’ cause it’s still got a beat to it, but it’s a sweet song. It’s a sweet-sounding song but it’s kind of a darker lyric, and I like that.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson Talk to MTV Canada About 'Dark Side'