Even with 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' commanding the charts as the No. 1 song in the country, Kelly Clarkson fans are eagerly looking forward to the next single from the original 'American Idol' champion's latest album, 'Stronger.' Clarkson hinted in a recent Z100 interview that it could be 'Dark Side.'

"Maybe, yeah, that's one we're thinking about," Clarkson said in response to a question about 'Dark Side' as the third single. "There's only a couple slower songs on the record. It's very much a cardio kind of album. I like 'Dark Side' cause it's still got a beat to it, but it's a sweet song. It's a sweet-sounding song but it's kind of a darker lyric, and I like that."

So it sounds like nothing has been officially decided, but 'Dark Side' is the leading contender to be the next single. The song, which features Clarkson singing, "Everybody's got a dark side / Do you love me / Can you love mine," was produced by Greg Kurstin, who also co-wrote and produced the 'Stronger' track.

In the interview, Clarkson also revealed a near disaster before her performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl when she boarded the plane to Indianapolis without her dress. "We were on the plane, and Ashley, my makeup artist, looks at me and goes, 'Where's your dress?'" Fortunately, they were flying via private charter, so just before takeoff, her tour manager stopped the plane and rushed back to get the outfit. Clarkson said, "I was like, 'I don't think Spanx alone is gonna be hot. I think I'm gonna need a dress!'"