Kelly Clarkson's lyric video for her single "Invincible" is out, which means "Invincible" is the follow-up single to the mildly disappointing "Heartbeat Song." We can breathe a sigh of relief, because this song rules.

The video spells out the track, as lyric videos do. It features a weird mix of computer-generated lyrics superimposed over physical block letters, often spelling out the most inspirational or poignant word in whatever phrase Kelly is singing at that point in the song. The video also goes from a dark color scheme of black and white to a light one, showing the same block letters covered in bright paint splatter by the end. So, it's not the most original concept, but at least we know what Kelly's singing, right? Then again Kelly enunciates so it's not like that was ever a problem for her. Oh well, get that chart position, Kelly.

Can you believe it's been 13 years since Kelly became American Idol's greatest success story? Much has happened in the entertainment world since 2002: NSYNC faded quietly into the background with nary an announcement of their breakup, while Backstreet Boys continue to sing on cruise ships. We saw the rise, the fall and the subsequent apology tour of Justin Bieber. Zayn Malik quit One Direction. Perez Hilton has two children. And yet here Kelly remains, holding onto her core fanbase with more of the sugary-sweet, bubblegum pop without it ever getting stale. We appreciate it and we admire it, Kelly.

Check out the lyric video for "Invincible" above.

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