For tonight's (July 19) season finale of the first season of 'Duets,' superstar Kelly Clarkson and her amateur charge Jason Farol performed together for the final time, choosing to torch it up with their fiery rendition of Elvis Presley's classic 'Heartbreak Hotel.' My what a difference a season (which is really just a few weeks, since that's how long the show has been on) makes. Farol went from a shy, unsure-of-himself performer with a great voice to a confident heartthrob with swagger, thanks in no small part to the unwavering support of his singing partner.

As has been the case with Clarkson all season, her voice always pops and stands out a little too much against her signing partner. She can't help it that she has one of the most powerful singing voices of her generation. But Farol still managed to rise to the occasion, and stole several notes of his own with this song. He didn't get lost in 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' during this perf, when he easily could have. Clarkson usually lets him take the final, powerhouse note, and that's just what she did this evening. What a selfless mentor and singing partner she is. While it's not like she has anything to prove, since she's a major star, she leaves no room for her ego to get the best of her.

Overall, it was a fun duet, one that we enjoyed watching as much as those two enjoyed performing.