Tonight's (June 28) live performance episode of 'Duets' featured the superstars and their amateur partners singing songs of the new millennium -- aka the past decade! Kelly Clarkson and her partner Jason Farol got down with Duffy's neo-soul jam 'Mercy,' which is also now a neo-classic, since it's covered on these reality singing shows quite a bit.

While 'Mercy' is right up Clarkson's alley, and she rocked it with her newly golden hair and her skintight, hot pink frock which showed off her banging new bod, this was the first time she didn't overpower her singing partner. That was the case for much of the season so far. Clarkson is so good and so soulful that she always manages to outshine those she is singing with. It's not her fault that she is so damn talented.

Farol was able to keep pace with Clarkson and he wasn't buried by her voice. They managed to share the spotlight and the mic (metaphorically speaking) this time out.

If teenage girls watched the ep and plan to vote, Farol might have an edge, since he is so cute and charming when he sings. He may not have the strongest voice in the competition, but he certainly has a youthful appeal.

Watch Kelly Clarkson + Jason Farol Perform 'Mercy' on 'Duets'