Kelly Clarkson has been honoring fan requests and covering whatever songs they want to hear all summer long during her tour. On Sept. 7 in Houston, Clarkson indulged a fan's request for her to try her hand, er, voice at Lady Gaga's 'You & I.' It's a powerful song that requires a powerhouse voice and who better to rip right through the tune than the original 'American Idol?' Clarkson infused the Mother Monster's torchy love song with a bit of her signature smoky, country twang. How'd she do?

In a word, terrific!

Looking pretty in a simple, black spaghetti strap dress, Clarkson did right by the song, and swapped out the lyric about her "cool Nebraska guy" for "cool Texas guy," making note not only of her geographical surroundings, but the fact that she is a native Texan. Nice touch, Kel. Gaga herself has been known to improvise the lyrics and exchange Nebraska with the name of whatever city or country she was performing in. So it's always a customized version.

But back to Kelly's version. If anyone could handle this song, vocally speaking, it's Clarkson, who has a flair for dramatic when hitting the high notes, and that's just what she did.

We bet that if Gaga saw this, she'd do a fist bump or share an affectionate air kiss with Clarkson.

It's really that good!

What do you think, PopCrushers? How did KC do with 'You & I?'