Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she's perpetually single, but that's not enough for some people. Apparently if you're successful and cute but don't have a boyfriend, you're a lesbian. In a new interview, Clarkson revealed that the rumors are amusing at best, annoying at worst. 

Clarkson attributes her single life in part to how she was raised. Her parents split when she was five, and her mother divorced her second husband when Clarkson was 19. “Divorce isn’t fun,” Clarkson told the Mirror. “It affects relationships you get into when you are older. I think you have to work a little harder because you’re constantly thinking it’s probably not going to work out in the end. Also, I travel a lot and work a lot. The way I live it’s hard for me to even find someone.”

Clarkson's second point reiterates a point she made on 'The View' this fall. "I work with a bunch of married people," Clarkson told her hosts. "I’m never even around a single person,” she said. ”I don’t know if they’ve moved to some remote place, but there will be time for that.”

Clarkson acknowledged that her not prancing around with a guy on her arm may be what sparks gay rumors, but she doesn't understand why they're so persistent.

“I don’t think it’s harmful at all,” she laughed of the lesbian whispers, “but I just don’t know why people think I am. I never kiss women. I find it funny. Also I’m such a vocal person, I’ve never hidden much. So I don’t understand why they don’t take me on my word. I find that a little bit annoying. But if people think I’m gay, I don’t really care."

Clarkson doesn't mind not having a man when she's having fun and being successful. “I’m a kinda selfish person who right now enjoys being single, enjoys the fact that I can work as much as I do, and not really have to answer to anyone."

The singer's been working a ton to promote her latest album, 'Stronger.' Clarkson announced at her show in Johnstown, Penn. on Saturday (Jan. 28) that her next single will be 'I Forgive You.' The release date has yet to be determined, but we can't wait to hear it! If being single means more time to make music, we don't mind if she flies solo for quite a while.