Kelly Clarkson met both Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen while across the pond in London. The newly-blonde 'Duets' judge tweeted a photo of the threesome (along with several other folks) doing the 'Call Me Maybe' pose.

What's the 'Call Me Maybe' pose? Simple. You use your hand like a telephone receiver. An old-fashioned telephone receiver, mind you. Could this "trend" take off, like planking did last year? Remember planking? That trend faded quickly as these things tend to do. But perhaps Call Me Maybe-ing could be 2012's planking and have some staying power, since it is accompanied by a smash song? You never know.

While we love that the three pop stars posed together, mimicking the lyrics of Jepsen's infectious and addictive hit song, we wish that they would have maybe engaged in an impromptu a capella version of the song and then posted video footage so we could enjoy that! Now that would have been amazing. But we'll take the photo for now!

Below is Clarkson's tweet, featuring the adorable photo.