Although Kelly Clarkson had scheduled her new album 'Stronger,' which features her latest single 'Mr. Know It All,' to drop on Oct. 25, the original 'American Idol' has moved the date up a day.

Instead of releasing her album on a Tuesday like most artists do, Clarkson is breaking the mold and releasing 'Stronger' on Monday, Oct. 24. This is great news for fans of Kelly, since they get to hear the fully-mastered, final cut of the album in it's entirety one day earlier than they had anticipated!

On top of this announcement, Ms. Clarkson, 29, has also unveiled the album artwork for 'Stronger.' The album cover is predominantly black and white, with some gold accents thrown in as well. Clarkson's milky white complexion looks crystal clear in the photo, making for a stunning and eye-catching photo. The songstress is also wearing a gold ring with a chain that wraps around her wrist. She holds her hand close to her slightly opened mouth. The shot is not only sexy, but the firm grasp she has on the chain also seems to represent the fact that Clarkson in independent and in control.

What do you think of the 'Stronger' album cover? Will you be picking up a copy once it's released on Oct. 24?