Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' is finally out so the singer is making the rounds on breakfast TV, performing the catchier-than-a-cold new single 'Mr. Know It All,' which is one of the most infectious songs we've heard all year. We like it more and more with each successive listen. Clarkson hit the 'Today' show this morning, looking classically beautiful with stick straight, glossy brown hair and bangs, and a form-fitting and age-appropriate LBD.

In her pre-performance chat, Clarkson said she loves the new album, and not just because every artist says that about their latest collection of songs. She said that people know her better as a singer and when she is in the studio, it's a matter of little things, like knowing which mics to use, that help her voice come through at its strongest.

Clarkson let 'er rip with her soulful, smoky rendition of 'Mr. Know it All,' which is her "Pffffft"-style kiss off to someone trying to control her. Early on, she winks at the camera, using her eyes to express herself as much as she is using those powerful, almost gospel-like pipes of hers.

Clarkson's message with 'Mr. Know It All,' as well as 'Stronger,' is "Don't mess with me!" The song is one of those "You go girl! You don't need him!" moments that will resonate with her female fans of all ages. It sounded just as good live on TV as it does on record and on radio. Looks like Clarkson has another hit on her hands. She deserves it.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform 'Mr. Know It All' on 'Today'