While Kelly Clarkson has written plenty of songs about heartache and relationships, the 29-year-old recently admitted that she has never actually been in love with anyone. The 'Mr. Know It All' songstress spoke to USA Today about having a hard time finding love due to the fact that she struggles with letting people get that close to her.

"I've never been in love. I've never experienced certain things, and I think that's because I have this side of me that is shut off," Clarkson explained. "Because I haven't found anybody yet to open to that I feel like, 'OK, you're worth breaking down that wall for.' I've never found that."

Even if Kelly hasn't been in love yet, we have no doubt in our mind that she will find that special someone at some point in her life. Clarkson is wholesome, beautiful, talented and down-to-earth, and honestly, who wouldn't want all of those qualities in a significant other? It's just a matter of the guy wanting it enough!

During the interview, Clarkson also spoke about how she's pretty much a controversy-free artist, as opposed to many other pop divas that are out there today. "I have no controversy. You don't see me in rehab, or you don't see me coming out with my hey-haw showing. There's not much to report. So when anything little is reported, it's like 'Oh, my God, she wasn't wearing makeup!'" she said. "I'm not held to anything. And I don't wear makeup when I don't want to wear makeup."

Clarkson also said that her most recent LP 'Stronger,' which was released on Oct. 24, is her best yet. "Sonically, it's my best sounding album," Clarkson said. "A lot of people in pop will compress the hell out of your vocals. People get a formula because a lot of times in pop, that's the sound, and so they just stick that formula on every vocalist. But there are vocalists like Adele or Pink or me or Christina Aguilera, there are vocalists that don't want that."

Kudos for keeping it real, Kelly.