Kelly Clarkson is taking the glass half-full approach to the recent leaks of her unreleased material, saying that she hopes her fans enjoy the songs.

She wrote on her blog, "Well ..... I get back in the states from a vacation and somehow like 50 of my songs are leaked on the Internet?! No point in getting angry because there's nothing I can do so I hope y'all like the music. I can't wait for everybody to hear my actual finished 5th album!"

These days, it's near-impossible for artists to prevent songs from leaking, unless they go the Radiohead route and record in top-secret and release the music through their own website, so it's good to see that the former 'American Idol' champ isn't getting too stressed out about this. The good news is that Kelly fans seem to enjoy the new stuff, and her voice sounds great on tracks like 'Let Me Down.'

Clarkson just dealt with leaked music in May, when some of her demos surfaced online. At the time, she encouraged fans to not pay close attention to the leaks, because they weren't finished songs.

Clarkson's fifth album is still planned for a September release. She's likely to perform some of the new material at September's iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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