Kelly Clarkson is well-known for her vocal acrobatics, but physically? Well, the adorable singer is apparently a little less adept.

On Tuesday afternoon, she took to Twitter to announce that she injured her foot, and provided a photo of herself in a wheelchair as proof.

"Sprained my foot and have a hairline fracture but the show must go on people ha!" the newly-slim 'Duets' star tweeted out to her 1.6 million followers.

The accompanying photo shows Clarkson in a wheelchair and holding crutches being tended to by a member of singing duo Jill and Kate while makeup artist Ashley Donovan dusts powder on her face. And since Kelly's in a black gown, we can only assume she was serious about that "show going on" stuff.

No word on how she hurt herself, but fortunately, she doesn't look any the worse for wear.

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