Kelly Clarkson is a trooper. The singer performed at the 'VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul' gig in New York City on Dec. 18 with a seriously sprained ankle. Clarkson, dressed in a pretty, olive green number, was forced to wrap her ankle in a bandage after twisting it while en route to the event. The bandage didn't exactly match her sparkly pumps, but that's not the point. Clarkson didn't let the pain stop her from being a part of the big night.

"Just finished taping Divas for VH1 and seriously there are some really talented ladies," Clarkson tweeted after the show. "Funny part of the evening is I twisted my ankle in a pair of heels right before the show started in a freakin pot hole on the street! Hurt like hell but still one of my favorite shows I've ever been a part of!"

Those pot holes are murderous! We're glad that Clarkson only suffered a sprain and that it wasn't much worse, since it could have been.

In the aftermath, Clarkson tweeted that she is nursing and babying her tender ankle. She tweeted: "I hurt my ankle pretty badly but it is doing way better than last night so woohoo! Elevate, ice, and repeat!"

Get better soon, Kel.