With Kelly Clarkson's fifth album 'Stronger' on the way in just a week, another killer song from the platter has landed. This one is called 'You Love Me' and it's a soft rock tune that reminds us why we fell in love with Clarkson, the original 'American Idol,' in the first place. The girl truly can sing.

The song is a bit more adult contemporary than recent Clarkson fare, but there's also a rock edge that bolsters some of the song's melody. 'You Love Me' will certainly appeal to Clarkson's female fanbase, as it's an anthem as well as a pretty listen and it's got a strong message, to boot.

Lyrically, the song addresses a heartbreak and there's anger and angst in Clarkson's voice. She sings "You didn't let me down / You didn't tear me apart / You just opened my eyes while breaking my heart."

For the first three quarters of the song, she sings "I'm not good enough" but by the time the coda comes along, she asserts, "You're not good enough." She has gotten it out of her system through the cathartic nature of the song, and now that she's cleansed of her anger and heartbreak -- she's wiser. She realizes that it's not her, it's him! It's an empowering song and Clarkson comes across as fierce. Her voice will move you.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson, 'You Love Me'