Nicole Richie has joined Kelly Osbourne in the land of purple locks. In fact, Richie took the plunge on a dare from Osbourne herself! Though the E! correspondent's tresses are a shade of lavender, Richie instead opted for a darker purple for herself. Who rocks the hue better?

Kelly Osbourne gets credit for starting the trend, and she has worn the lilac shade over over for years. Osbourne's purple hue has become such a trademark for the 'Fashion Police' host that she is even contractually obligated to keep the color. Good thing she can pull the purple off so well: While it is funky, it's not crass, and Osbourne manages to make the lavender hue look soft and feminine.

Nicole Richie may have dyed her hair purple on a bet from Osbourne, but she rocks the bold shade just as well! Richie's hue is bright, going several shades darker than Osbourne's pastel look. While the hue is a surprising choice for the fashion designer (who doesn't typically stray from her blonde-and-caramel locks), it reminds us that underneath all of the glamour, Nicole Richie still has a 'Simple Life'-esque wild side about her.

Whose purple hair do you like best? Vote in the poll below!

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