On last night's episode of 'Talking to Strangers,' diva Kelly Rowland turned the tables on host Cee Lo Green, interviewing him, instead of the normal format of the show, which is Cee Lo probing celebs and artists.

This particular episode, which will air in two parts, with the second portion airing next week, was quite awkward, as Rowland and Cee Lo were flirting with each other ... a lot. It almost had us asking, "Is it time for a new couple alert?"

Since Rowland was querying him, she asked just how low Cee Lo goes, to which he answered, "I am able," after a roundabout stream of thoughts about his physical flexibility. Ahem. The pair then began talking about tattoos, as Cee Lo is rather covered in ink. Rowland said that she got her first tattoo and "next thing I knew, I had three. I like the way the pain feels." Cee Lo countered by saying that he uses a pick up line about getting tattoos of female's names, since they sign their names across his heart.

Other strange comments from Cee Lo: "I was keeping tabs on who you were dating"; "I know you wear a size 2"; "Do you still have those Gucci shorts?"; and "I am so attracted to you." The usually charming Cee Lo sure laid it on thick.

While Cee Lo doled out the compliments on a level that bordered on creepy, Rowland was equally guilty of turning up the awkward factor. When he revealed his real name is Thomas DeCarlo Calloway, she called it a sexy name. When he called himself "a poet" who "can articulate what I have to say very well," she agreed vigorously. When he sang a little bar of music, she cooed, "That voice." She also accused the singer of making her blush. We were almost at the point of saying, "Get a room."

The most revealing part of the interview, though, was Cee Lo's frank discussion of his marriage and divorce. He summed it up beautifully, saying, "I'm not everyone's type but I'm someone's type." Rowland responded by saying he is most people's type. Maybe he's just Kelly Rowland's type.

We'll tune in for more of this gush fest next week!

Watch a Clip of Kelly Rowland on Cee Lo Green's 'Talking to Strangers'