Kelly Rowland looks fierce, with red painted lips and a leather bodysuit, on the cover of the summer issue of Monarch.

With her new album, 'Here I Am,' on the horizon, as well as her recent high-profile role as a judge on the British version of 'X Factor,' Rowland has her well-manicured hands dipped in a lot of pots. She also heads a charity called 'I Heart My Girlfriends.' She spoke about all of these things in the accompanying feature.

When it comes to her decision to sign on as a reality competition judge, which is a gig that many pop stars take on so they can dispense advice and use the publicity to increase their own profile, Rowland had an open mind and open heart about the project. "I was excited about the opportunity above everything; to find new talent and to be a mentor," she said.

She also revealed that she took her time with completing 'Here I Am,' which is her third solo platter. She didn't allow herself an limitations, just a lot of 'Motivation,' saying, "There are no limits, not even limits I put on myself."

Rowland's charity is also geared towards helping young people, to which she said, "Music is a high, but helping out young people -- it's an outrageous high!" That sounds like a double high!

'Here I Am' arrives on July 26.

Watch Kelly Rowland Perform 'Motivation' at the 2011 BET Awards