You might have a headache after you watch Kelly Rowland's sexalicious 'Down for Whatever' video! It features lots of flashes of colored light and frenetic imagery. The former child of destiny is dancing while bathed in light, all the while singing her song about being the cool, chill girl who is, well, down for whatever comes her way.

Rowland cycles through multiple wigs and ensembles -- short hair and long, zebra print and leather body suits and plenty of killer heels -- but overall, it's the most mysterious we've seen this pop star look. We like that odd facial accessory made of a silver chain that she wears in multiple scenes. Overall, it's very tribal and primal, since Kel throws off that type of electric sexual energy. This video is dense with colors, feeling and eroticism.

When the black light goes on, it turns into a particularly sexed up scene, too. It's animalistic yet it never devolves into trashy, which is always a distinct possibility with pop stars when they gyrate in a music video.

Watch the Kelly Rowland 'Down for Whatever'