Kelly Rowland was recently in Barcelona to shoot a new video for her seasonal tune, 'Summer Dreaming,' featuring Project B. The song is about celebrating and having fun in the summertime.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Rowland wears a colorful tie-dye sundress as she sings the catchy song with the beautiful countryside of Barcelona as her backdrop. There are also scenes of her having a good time with friends at a poolside party.

"When you think about dreaming, you think about summer, you think about colors, you think about fabrics that blow in the wind and shorts and hot pants, which everybody is wearing right now," she says of the summer season. "It just makes you feel cool and sexy and fly."

Also in the clip, Rowland talks about her upcoming album, which she says will feature a diverse sound of R&B mixed with dance music. "It's a very urban, R&B, sexy, unexpected record," she says (via AceShowbiz). "It's gonna make you think. It's gonna make you wonder."

Rowland's song 'Summer Dreaming' is actually an update of the Kate Yania track of the same name, which was recorded a decade ago. The 'Motivation' singer heard the song at a Barcadi party and wanted to put her spin on it. "The song and its history enthralled me right away, " she says. "My aim was to record a joyful, colorful, sexy song and give it a bit of soul quality."

Summer and soul music... What better way to celebrate the warm season.

Watch Kelly Rowland Filming Her 'Summer Dreaming' Video