Kelly Rowland has dropped a new video for her latest single, 'Lay It On Me' from her chart-topping album 'Here I Am.' The fun and sexy clip features the singer demanding that her men lay it down for her when it comes to love and passion.

In her video, the former Destiny's Child songbird gets pampered by several muscular men at her command. Dressed in an all-white bikini, Rowland takes full advantage of touching her man servants all over their steely chests and hard six-pack abs. We also get to see the singer glitter in a black bathing suit and she even cozies up to a huge elephant. Yep, K. Row is the queen of the jungle.

Detroit rapper Big Sean gets to lay down his verse on the piano-driven song as he tells Rowland to talk that nasty s---. "The king of the California kings, you gotta call me sire / Watch me lay it down and I ain't even tired / Putting work in and I ain't even hired / Hitting high notes, neighbors thought you joined a choir," he raps.

Videographer Sarah Chatfield directed 'Lay It on Me' and did she a phenomenal job. The video caps off a great year for Rowland who saw her album 'Here I Am' debut at No. 1. In addition, she nabbed a nomination for Favorite R&B Female artist for the American Music Awards.

Watch the Kelly Rowland 'Lay It On Me' Video Feat. Big Sean