Recently, Kelly Rowland has become somewhat of a sex symbol, posing for revealing magazine spreads and releasing sexually-charged songs like 'Motivation.' However, Rowland proved that she is still a kid at heart when a friend caught the songstress belting out 'Part of Your World' from 'The Little Mermaid' in the shower!

First off, we would like to note that this tune from Disney's underwater-themed musical is the perfect song choice while soaking in the shower. It's clear that Rowland is having a fabulous time while scrubbing down, as she gets very theatrical while belting out 'The Little Mermaid' song. In fact, she is so into it, that her friend cannot stop giggling while capturing the moment on film.

At the end of the clip, Rowland asks where her friend went, and the girl busts out laughing. She tells Rowland, "Say 'Hi,' black Ariel!" To which Rowland gets her ghetto on as she pronounces, "I'm a black mermaid. Yeah!" We can just imagine Rowland in the glittery green fin and purple seashell bra now...

Even though Rowland is a big star, it is refreshing to know that even celebs like to belt out cheesy songs in the shower. Check out the video of Kelly Rowland singing 'Part of Your World' (which, according to the caption at the bottom, is Kelly's favorite song) in the shower on her official Tumblr account.