Is this the latest trend in pop culture -- nip slips? Just days after Nicki Minaj's nipples made an appearance on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' R&B songbird Kelly Rowland's areolas were spotted in the Garden State.

The 'Motivation' singer was performing at Club 4Sixty6 in West Orange, N.J., over the weekend when her right nipple popped out of her bondage-style holster top. The drunk and horny crowd didn't seemed to mind as they cheered her on, obviously, motivated by the brief nudity.

Afterward, K.Row took to her Twitter account and joked about the nip slip tweeting, "New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed the show and didnt mind the peekaboo LOL!!! #kanyeshrug #stuffhappens."

We are glad that Rowland wasn't performing live on national television or else there would be all kinds of hoopla about it.

This is the second time within a week that a female pop star has exposed herself. Nick Minaj caught flack after her left nipple was revealed during her performance on 'Good Morning America.' ABC has since apologize for the rapper's indecent exposure.

Hopefully, we are not witnessing a new trend in music with the ladies. Although the men are just as guilty of it as well. Ahem, we are talking to you Rick Ross.