In the (NSFW) words of the guys from 'Half Baked,' "Now that's a tittie. Fully, man."

Kelly Rowland unintentionally showed off her fantastic boob job during a concert in N.J. back in 2011. Her itsy bitsy, dominatrix-inspired bra top lifted above her breasts after she nailed some dance moves, and Rowland's underboob was all sorts of out. To make matters worse, it took a while for Rowland to notice the wardrobe malfunction, as evidenced by the abundance of nip slip pics that leaked onto the Internet.

Although no woman is happy when her boob falls out of her shirt -- the feeling's more comparable to this  -- we bet a small part of the super sexy 'Ice' songstress was happy that she got to show off her awesome new rack, which you can see in all of its uncensored, NSFW glory here.