Aussie pop singer Kelsy Karter has teamed up with PopCrush to premiere her video for 'Ghost Town' from her upcoming album. She worked with songwriting and production duo the Movement (who list the likes of Justin Bieber among their credits) on this track, which starts out contemplative and evolves into a smooth R&B track, bolstered by Karter's voice.

"'Ghost Town' is a pop song about love that touches on the question of insanity," Karter said about the new single. "The lyrics are quite poetic and contain metaphors that give the song a lot of depth."

The video offers the road trip romance vibe, with Karter dancing in a desert, wearing a Jack Daniels-logo belly shirt as an old-fashioned set of wheels is parked behind her.

The flashback scenes see her seated at a piano, pouring over pictures and memories, as footage of her romance play out in front of us and her.

Karter is cute, soulful and confident, and in this video, in love. It reminds you how quickly two can become one and how much that experience hurts.

As Karter so eloquently sings, "This is not a love song, this is a real song." The video reflects that.