Kenan Thompson, who has been with 'Saturday Night Live' since 2003, will be leaving the show after its upcoming 40th season, reports TMZ.

The site reports that Thompson had actually wanted to leave after last season, but was convinced by executive producer Lorne Michaels to stay on to help lead the new crop of 'SNL' talent. Of the 15 cast members for the 2014-2015 season, Thompson is the most seasoned member. With the exception of Bobby Moynihan, every other cast member has been with the show for four years or less.

During his tenure, Thompson has impersonated several African American celebrities such as Al Roker, Al Sharpton and Bill Cosby. He's also best known for some of his recurring characters, including D'Andre Cole and Lorenzo MacIntosh.

TMZ says that Thompson plans to move to Los Angeles after 'Saturday Night Live' and is in talks to star in a television show of his own.