OMG, get ready to shriek, squeal and scream! Kendall Jenner got a new puppy as an early birthday present and the pooch is cuter than all the members of One Direction combined.

That's pretty cute, right? Sure is. Get a look at the pup for yourself in the photos below.

Jenner turns 18 on Nov. 3 and her older brother Rob Kardashian gifted her with the puppy, named Blu. Jenner christened the canine, who has gorgeous blue-grey fur, her "new little princess."

She wrote: "happy early birthday to me!!! my new little princess! thank you @robkardashian you're the greatest." She posted another pic of the pup, saying "Blu came to school."

Lookout, North West. There's a new princess in the Kardashian abode and she's got fur!

Overall, the dog really is a sweet present from her brother, who had a bit of a bad rep after he slammed his "ex" Rita Ora on Twitter. It was hardcore. This gesture shows us the "other" side of Kris Jenner's only son.

Happy early bday, Kendall! We hope you get years of happiness from your new pup. Look at her ears! So presh.