Kendall and Kylie Jenner are adding yet another title to their long list of entrepreneurial labels: authors. The youngest ladies of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have written a sci-fi YA novel called 'Rebels: City of Indra,' and it will be published in Summer 2014. 

According to the book's publisher (via E! Online), 'Rebels' is "a thrilling dystopian story about two super-powered girls, Lex and Livia, who embark on a journey together, not realizing their biggest danger might be each other." Get the popcorn ready!

In 2012, the Jenner sisters revealed that the book would be the first of a possible series, and said that they were collaborating on the young-adult novel with writer Maya Sloane.

One thing is for sure: both Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, have loved working on the book and can't wait to be authors.

"Kylie and I love the creative challenge and are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share this story," Kendall told E! about the project, which will come out on June 3.

"We can't wait to share these characters and the world we created with readers everywhere," Kylie added. "We are so excited!"

PopCrushers, will you read Kendall and Kylie's new book?