Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush really loves his dog. He loves the pooch so much that he got a tattoo of its face on his back. Aww! Now that's some serious canine dedication and devotion.

Schmidt is not the only pop singer to have a beloved pup immortalized on his person. Pink tattooed her bulldog on her arm. Woof woof.

We'll save the b—ch comments, since that wouldn't be very nice, now would it?

Sissy is Kendall's Boston Terrier and he had a picture of her permanently etched on the left side of his back at Smith Street Tattoo, which is located in Brooklyn. So he'll have to catch a look in the mirror if he wants to see her, but she'll be with him always -- whether he is on tour, after she passes into the next life, or any other situation that finds this young man and his BFF apart.

TMZ reports that the etching took at hour and was painful. The latter is not a shock. Tattoos hurt. Needles depositing ink into your skin aren't supposed to feel good or be zen!