Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive is easy on the eyes. He is also a PopCrush fave. The boy bander populates his Instagram feed with plenty of cute, fun and candid images, which we've collected here for Rushers who have a soft spot for Schmidt and consider him their favorite member of the band.

It really gives you an indication of what his days are like! It's like stepping inside a day in the life of Kendall Schmidt, or, kendizzzzle, which is his Instagram handle.

He likes outdoorsy activities (fishing and more) and loves animals, as there are tons of pics of Schmidt and furry creatures.

Beanie x Sublime tee.

Getting cozy with a koala in Australia.

Kendall and a kangaroo.

Kendall makin' pancakes.

Oooh! A sexy selfie.

Kendall x Niall Horan? How do we get in on that sandwich?

Kendall x Ed Sheeran? He has some quality pals.

Gone fishin'.

Mmmm, almond milk.

Another sexy selfie on a rooftop.

Horseback riding!

Oink oink! Swine stacking Zs. SO CUTE!

Kendall x his KCA.

Grillin' and chillin'.