While Lady Gaga had to pull the plug on her collabo with Kendrick Lamar, yanking it from his album then leaking it online, the rapper has nothing but love for the Mother Monster, calling her both a "beautiful person" and praising her genius mind. Clearly, there are no hard feelings after the decision not to include their track on his record.

Gaga bowed out of their collabo, 'B---- Don't Kill My Vibe.' Some sources say she couldn’t get the vocals in before the album deadlines; Gaga indicated in an online post there was some creative interference from his handlers, which then caused her to bolt.

Nevertheless, Lamar called her a "free spirit in the studio" in a chat with MTV U.K., saying, "It's just great to be around people that inspire you from another genre, you know. In fact, it's even bigger for her to respect hip-hop music the way she does, true hip-hop music, so much respect to her."

Gaga has certainly been showing her respect for hip-hop with her 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' track, which has more of an urban flair than we're used to seeing or hearing from her. We're glad that Lamar and Gaga are still fond of each other despite the fact that their musical pairing was sidetracked.

She didn't kill his vibe, yo!

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