Kendrick Lamar, droppin' new albums like a boss.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper just released his new record, To Pimp a Butterfly, a week ahead of the album's planned release date. The album — which is available on iTunes in both explicit and clean versions — features his explosive single "The Blacker the Berry."

While the "i" rapper has not commented on the early release of the record (though he did tweet out the retail link), the CEO of his record label didn't exactly hold back.

"I WOULD LIKE 2 PERSONALLY THANK @Interscope FOR F---ING UP OUR RELEASE…," Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith wrote in a slightly NSFW tweet. "SOMEBODY GOTS 2 PAY 4 THIS MISTAKE !!!! #TOP." Yikes.

While Kendrick Lamar may not have exactly pulled a Beyoncé or a Drake with To Pimp a Butterfly (as in, the move doesn't exactly appear to be strategically planned), fan reactions to the record are already insanely positive, with multiple topics related to the album already trending on Twitter.

One fan who is undoubtedly going to purchase the album? A certain someone named Taylor Swift, who expressed her love for the rapper's "Backseat Freestyle" first in an interview and then in an epic lip-syncing video that proved that she knew every line by heart as true die-hards do.

Plus, To Pimp a Butterfly has to be one of the sickest names for an album we've heard in a long time. And that scores the album some major points alone.

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