It is no secret that Keri Hilson is not the biggest fan of singing superstar Beyonce.

In a recent on-camera interview from the red carpet of the Soul Train Music Awards, the star was asked to help promote the new entertainment magazine, Juicy. When the magazine's reporter asked Hilson to pose for the television cameras while holding the magazine's latest issue, she said yes, but that quickly turned the other direction after realizing who was on the magazine's cover.

"Yeah, who's that?" Hilson is shown asking the magazine's reporter.

After getting a better look at the cover -- which features Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z on the cover -- Hilson retracted her agreement to hold the issue, saying: "No, I can't do that -- I'm sorry."

At the end of the interview and clip (which can be viewed below), Hilson did give a verbal plug for the magazine -- only without holding the issue with Beyonce's mug on the cover.

Hilson made it known that she was not fond of Beyonce back in 2007 when Usher released his hit single, 'Love in This Club.' After Beyonce lent her vocals to the remix for the song, it topped the Billboard charts for the singer. The collaboration between Usher and Beyonce made Hilson bitter, as she was responsible for penning the lyrics for the remix and originally put her vocals down for the recording.

After Beyonce heard the tune, she asked Usher if she could be the voice on the track rather than Hilson, which he agreed. Usher did, however, use Hilson in the music video for the song as his love interest, but she later vented her frustrations publicly to all who would listen.

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