The stylish Keri Hilson leaves the outrageous, head-turning outfits to the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. This pop star, who is also a songwriter in addition to being a Grammy nominated singer, told the LA Times in a style profile about her style when she was younger.

"Growing up, I was a lot more boyish," she admits. "I only shopped in the men's department of Rich's and Macy's. My mom would drop me off in the men's section and do her shopping in the women's section." That's funny, considering Hilson's current state of chic.

She's had her phases, though. Hilson, now 28, cycled through menswear like khakis, button down flannels and polo shirts during her formative years and said she was also inspired by TLC’s tomboy look and the '90s blend of masculine and feminine pieces. She curated and cultivated her current look after she hit Emory University, majoring in theater and performing regularly.

"My style is always a good blend of edge and spunkiness and grace," Hilson says. Her current obsession? Anything houndstooth, which she admits to collecting in the form of clothes and beyond, including armchairs. You can see her sporting the print in all of her videos and she has used it in her albums covers and on her Twitter page background. Even her Twitter bio refers to her as “lover of all things houndstooth.”

Hilson also says that her stage style differs drastically from her every day, street look. "Onstage, I'm the superhero version of myself," she explains. "When I perform, there's more leather and a lot of black, very strong pieces … I dress a lot stronger because that's the way I feel my music is. In my everyday life, I'm more relaxed and carefree, but when it comes to music and relationships, I am really strong-willed. My [onstage] clothes are almost like putting on body armor."

In addition, Hilson is now the face of Avon’s Imari scent. She truly is a reformed tomboy.