Kesha has previously admitted she's not just into guys -- and now an eyewitness says that K-Dollar Sign got hot and heavy with another gal at a gay bar. But do the details really imply that she and the chick were actually on a date?

An eyewitness told Radar Online, “Kesha looked as trashy as ever on her date with her lady friend."

Okay, can we take a moment to address the obvious shade here? Sheesh. Moving on:

"A black Navigator pulled up to the bar and out stepped Kesha with this young, cute girl -- the boys that recognized her were floored. She came in, ordered a couple drinks -- Makers Mark on the rocks -- and hung out just like one of the regulars."

Well, that sounds about right. The girl loves her whiskey, though we thought she was more of a Jack Daniel's gal based on 'Tik Tok.'

“It was definitely more than two friends checking out a gay bar — Kesha was very comfortable," the source insisted. "They were totally into each other and stayed very close together. When Michael Jackson’s song 'Man in the Mirror' started playing on the jukebox, Kesha grabbed her date and pulled her to the middle of the crowded bar and started dirty dancing with her.”

To be fair, that could really just be two girls goofing off, getting drunk and dancing at a gay bar. Or any bar, really. Still, the witness seemed pretty determined to make this as scandalous as possible -- not that Kesha would care or see any scandal in it anyway.

“Kesha clearly wasn't trying to be anything but herself -- a girl having a romantic date with another girl,” the customer continued. “Most people in the bar didn't blink an eye – they either didn't recognize the Madonna-looking woman dancing all over her girlfriend or they just didn't care. After about an hour Kesha and her date left the bar hand-in-hand to hoots and hollers from a few patrons, jumped into the car and took off.”

More power to our Cannibal Queen for having a killer time and not giving an eff. The most shocking part of this is that her paramour didn't have a beard. You do you, Kesha!

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