Kesha and Calvin Harris were spotted smooching hardcore a while back -- and it turns out that they worked on more than just each other's tonsils. The pair actually collaborated on music, too!

'Warrior' comes in a regular and a deluxe edition, but the Cannibal Queen still wasn't able to include all the tracks that she wanted to on the project. She penned about 50 songs for the sophomore effort, but obviously, she couldn't include them all, and that broke her lil' heart. "After that you have to sit down and narrow it down, which was such a hard process," she lamented. "There are still some songs not on the record that I love. Hopefully they'll see the light of day eventually. There's about five songs where I was literally crying about not being able to include them. Maybe I'll do one of those super magical deluxe editions!"

One of those tracks is a Calvin Harris collaboration. If you think that sounds amazing, you're not alone -- and you may not be disappointed for long. She assured, "I'm sure we'll release it one day!"

The 'Die Young' singer embraces a bit of a rock n' roll edge on a few tracks on 'Warrior,' but that doesn't mean she's ashamed of or steering away from her pop roots. "I love pop music and will do until the day I die. Some people think it's a dirty word, but I f---ing love it," she insisted to Digital Spy. So why the evolution into country and garage punk on tracks like 'Wonderland' and 'Dirty Love' with Iggy Pop?

"I wanted to bring in more of the music I listen to off stage, which meant more guitars and less Auto-Tune," K-Dollar Sign explained. "Although I make electronic dance music, you can't just keep making the same thing over and over again. I want to push the boundaries of pop music."

When the conversation steered back to Iggy Pop, Kesha made it clear that she adored the head Stooge. "He is nuts, but at the same time he's so smart and grounded," Kesha gushed. "He's very humble. He's so f---ing awesome. To collaborate with someone you need mutual respect, and I was honored to have that with him."

Kesha said that while some of her 'Warrior' songs are slightly less poppy than their 'Animal' and 'Cannibal' predecessors, you can still tune into the new record and be ready to rage -- whether or not you need booze to do that. "I still want people to get as f---ed up and happy as they want to be, which may mean not getting f---ed up at all," she said. "There are people who travel with me on tour who don't drink alcohol, but they still party until the sun comes up. It's all about having the best night of your life, whatever that entails."

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