In her video for 'C'Mon,' pop music's resident bad girl Kesha plays a bleached blond, lollipop-sucking and sexually harassed waitress at the Awful House. Haha, get it. Waffle House. She's a wild child ready to break out of that restricting job in this vid.

Kesha looks like a mini Dolly Parton when she gets picked up by a van full of people dressed like mascots from amusement parks. They proceed to cause trouble -it's somewhat harmless, as they make a mess in a mini mart and at the Awful House.

It's what we expect from dirty girl Kesha, as she cavorts in heels, gets felt up by one of the costumed dancers, slinks around in a furry hot tub and winks seductively at the camera from start to finish. If she's trying to be outrageous and raise a few eyebrows in a silly way, she succeeded here.