Kesha's 'Warrior' is the gift that keeps on giving, with another unreleased track hitting the Web.

This time, Kesha embraces her full "cock pop" and rock n' roll sound on 'Dancing With the Devil,' which wouldn't sound out of place alongside album tracks like 'Only Wanna Dance With You' and 'Dirty Love.'

The song opens with distorted guitars and a wail from K-Dollar Sign: "I sold my soul / It's a dead end road / And there's no turning back / I keep dancing with the devil." Soon, drums, hand claps, subtle synths and a shout-along chorus emerge, making for a track that's both raw and infectious.

About three quarters of the way through, there's a breakdown with a sinister laugh and a scream from the Cannibal Queen: "He's got my mind / He's got my soul / Mama -- he won't let me go!" The song is dark, rollicking and fun, and it sounds like it'd be a killer addition to the Pitbull tourmate's live shows this summer.

'Dancing With the Devil' isn't the first time Kesha has flirted with the macabre. She previously collaborated with Alice Cooper on 'What Baby Wants,' sang about sex with a ghost on 'Supernatural' and wrote and sang another unreleased fan favorite called 'Run Devil Run.' For as good as Kesha's heart is, evil looks good on her!

Listen to Kesha, 'Dancing With the Devil'