We love us some Kesha, and our glorious glitter queen didn't disappoint with her first live performance of 'Die Young.'

Kesha sported sparkly yet tribal garb at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. The songstress was on hand for the Baby G party, a line of watches she endorses and helps to design for Casio. Considering the harder rocking sound she's boasting on 'Warrior,' she had more pop-oriented choreography than most would expect. She got predictably unpredictable, even showing her goods -- under a leotard, that is -- around 2:40 when she sings, "Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side."

Around 2:50 in, there's a breakdown that doesn't appear on the studio version of the track, but was mesmerizing to watch, with K-Dollar Sign and her cohorts slamming on drums. Perhaps the most insane part -- and let's be real, with Kesha performances there are plenty -- was at about 3:47, when a girl somehow made her way onto the stage. One of Kesha's dancers removed her without missing a beat.

The vibe of the performance was in line not just with the 'Warrior' and 'Die Young' cover art, which featured tribal and post-apocalyptic looks for the singer, but also for the video. "It’s about me being a cult leader at the end of the world. And everybody else is kind of being scared and hiding," she teased. "We are running around like wild people, making out with each other and taking over a small border town in Mexico. And the federals are after us because we’re so wild.”

Oh, Kesha. We can't wait!