Kesha is all about equality, and that attitude extends right into the bedroom. In a snippet of a demo from 'Warrior' called 'Downtown,' K-Dollar Sign calls out a lazy boyfriend for not reciprocating her sweet lovin'. Ow ow!

The song is more reminiscent of the singer's work on 'Animal' and 'Cannibal,' featuring more of the Cannibal Queen's rapping than her warbling. And it also features AutoTune, which she promised wouldn't be on 'Warrior' -- which may explain why it was scrapped.

The tongue-in-cheek -- or, um, elsewhere -- song isn't outright raunchy, but you know darn well what Kesha's talking about in lyrics like "I want a lil' lovin' in the wild west / You use your mouth for talking / Boy, I'm not impressed" and "Downtown / And you know the place / Going downtown / Downtown / Put a smile on a face."

Unfortunately for her beloved Animals, the full 'Downtown' track isn't available ... yet. But if you keep your eyes and Internets peeled, you may be able to find it! In the meantime, you can tune into the first verse and chorus below.

Listen to Kesha, 'Downtown'