Oh Kesha! Nothing she says shocks us anymore, like how she told Conan O'Brien on his talk show that she once electrocuted her lady parts while performing. Wait, what?

Kesha talked about how her stage show makes use of power tools, suggestively so. There are sparks flying off her crotch area, thanks to a "chastity belt looking thing" she created.

"I wanted to take power tools and show sparks and magic," she said.

It certainly sparks and it's magical. It's also downright dangerous.

"I was doing that and I start getting electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina," Kesha recalled. "It was super scary and intense, and I think everyone thought I was partying."

Um, ooookkkkaaaay!

She also revealed that Season 2 of her MTV series 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' will allow her beloved animals to get to know her family better, whereas Season 1 was about her fans getting to know her on a more intimate level. She assured fans that the rest of the Kesha clan is as crazy as she is!

In other Kesha news, a demo of the song 'First Love' leaked and she sounds like a kinder, gentler Kesha. That's not something you expect to hear us say about Kesha!

Listen to Kesha, 'First Love'