Oh, Kesha. We already know she had an "intimate experience" with a ghost, but now she's going into more detail about it -- and also about how many gallons of glitter she goes through in a show, as well as all that cryptic symbolism from her 'Die Young' video and 'Warrior' album... and about wearing teeth from her fans. Yes, teeth.

First, the glitter. She uses a lot of it -- but even more than we may have thought. She even has a roadie desginated just to glitter. Seriously. "A month at home is like -- I still use more glitter than the average human, probably," she told Time. "But on tour, I think I go through like, a couple hundred gallons of glitter. On my rider there’s a bathtub full of glitter, cause that’s how I get ready for my show," she added. "I cover my body in baby oil and sit in a bathtub full of glitter, cause it’s just the easiest way to get it all over your body." As anyone who's seen the 'Die Young' singer live knows, her bod's not the only place you'll find glitter.

"Then I blast it at the end of 'Tik Tok.”' Then during 'Blow,' I blast glitter, and I have it falling from the ceiling, and everybody in my band is covered in glitter."

Of course, no one can go through that much glitter without help. "There’s an entire semi truck that’s just a glitter semi. And I have a roadie, like a tech roadie, and he’s just the glitter roadie. He’s amazing. He knows everything about glitter. He’s very well informed. Almost as well informed as I am."

How exactly did that sex-with-a-ghost thing go down? "I definitely lived in a house that had a ghost in it. And there was sexual energy in the air. That’s real talk," she said. "I don’t know who the ghost was, but it was at Laurel Canyon in this house that I lived in—it was kind of like a flophouse, all the people that lived there. I moved in when I was pretty broke, and there was just this weird energy there that I was drawn to. Very spooky."

Speaking of scary stuff, what's with all the Illuminati symbols she's been rocking lately? They're in her 'Die Young' video, on her website -- and people are noticing. Is she the next Blue Ivy? Not quite. She's just sort of trolling the world. She explained, "I love symbolism. I like taking universally recognized images and kind of subverting them and playing with them. So I do use a lot of symbolism in my video. But it’s because these are all really simple symbols, and they’re also subjective. They’re up for interpretation."

Alrighty then! Kesha isn't just into having sexy time with spirits, though. She's also into just getting spiritual, so much so that she went on a journey for it ... with sharks. "I went on what I like to call my spirit journey," she said. "I went to the Galapagos. I wanted to go diving with sharks, so I went diving with, at some points, massive amounts of sharks, circling me, and it was just the most amazing thing ever." Don't worry, Animals. She quickly explained, "I was traveling by myself. But I had to swim with a dive master, so I wouldn’t get eaten. Then I went to an island in the middle of nowhere, where I was living on a boat and swimming with whales every day. It was really amazing." Kesha also digs land animals, too, not just aquatic life. "In South Africa, I volunteered to help rehabilitate baby lions, and it was just the most amazing, rewarding experience of my life. I really feel the most spiritual when I’m helping an animal. I don’t know why."

She loves animals so much that she wears their teeth. And not just sharks -- we're talking about her 'Animals,' too. Her fans. As in, the girl wears human teeth. Wait, what? Apparently it started on Twitter. "I asked for them to send me their teeth and I got, like, over 1000 human teeth," she quips. "I made it into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces. I've worn it out!"

Kesha's love for animals is reflected in her adoration of, well, her Animals -- and that love is reflected in her new book, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.' Her subject matter has deviated from booze and boys to a bit more of a soulful work (that's still fun). "It’s fun to write a wild pop song about crazy nights. But there’s another half of the story, which is the hard work and the shows, the super super highs and the lows, and baby pictures, and waiting tables before I made it, and how much I put into everything, including this new album," she said earnestly. "That may be sometimes overlooked because I sing wild pop songs. But behind the wild, there is a heart and soul. I wanted to show people that."

The 'Sleazy' songstress isn't just trying to focus on heart and soul in her book. She also bares both to some degree on 'Warrior,' and it's because of the feedback she got from her Animals the first time around. "When I was writing my first record, it was never really my intention to help other people," she admitted. "I didn't even know anybody was going to like the record. But then I had multiple people tell they were going to commit suicide, and songs off of 'Animal' and 'Cannibal' helped them realize they should be proud of who they are, especially because of their sexuality," she revealed. "I have a lot of gay and lesbian fans who say they get bullied. So on this record, I just really wanted to make sure there was an underlying, really positive message of acceptance of love of each other. It’s still ballsy. But I think you can be edgy and ballsy without being negative."

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