Coming onstage after her rollicking performance of 'Die Young,' Kesha gave hugs to the fellow panelists on 'The Graham Norton Show,' including Joan Rivers. When the glitter enthusiast was handed a glass, she asked delightedly, "Is that ... booze?!" Yes, Kesha, it is.

She seemed a little bit confused by her release date for 'Warrior' (for the record, it is due in stores Dec. 4), but when asked if the lead single was, in fact, 'Die Young,' she quipped, "Yes! I do know that."

Kesha began chatting, rather nonchalantly, about breaking into different celebrities' houses, but Norton was asking her specifically about breaking into singer Prince's pad. "I've snuck into a few people's houses," she explained, tilting her head. "It always turns out different." In terms of the Purple One's house? "I didn't actually break anything," she insisted. "I just slid under a fence. And the door was unlocked, so for me, that's like a giant welcoming sign." K-Dollar Sign revealed that she did it all because she just really wanted to work with Prince, and that he was actually playing guitar when she entered.

So why does she lurk around corners instead of just approaching her idols, including Iggy Pop, through her management? It's simple. "Sneaking around is just really fun!"