Even though Kesha isn't supposed to be release a new album until spring 2012, according to a statement from her producer Dr. Luke, a new song snippet from the 'Sleazy' songstress has hit the Web. The track is entitled 'Last Boyfriend' and :27 second clip of the tune was leaked to YouTube.

Kesha's 'Last Boyfriend' sounds like a jerk, but the song's beat is uplifting as she sings about letting her significant other go. From what we can hear in the clip, the uptempo song incorporates steady snares and, of course, synthesizers to produce a lighthearted dance pop song. Kesha sings, "The first in line for killing my time / Oh, I make you high / But you leave my dry  / So I'm throwin' it all throwin' it all all away / The last boyfriend."

The sassy tune of 'Last Boyfriend' is slightly reminiscent of Katy Perry's chart-topping hit 'Last Friday Night,' so we're sure this one will be a success for the 'Cannibal' queen if and when it's released. Kesha hasn't released a new single or video in a while, so we're anxious to see what she has up her sleeves in the coming months.

Listen to a Snippet of Kesha's 'Last Boyfriend'