There's as much crying as there is debauchery in the new trailer for Kesha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' documentary series -- so that means a lot.

While previous teasers have focused on the funny, funloving side of the starlet, her new extended trailer delves into the very emotional depths that the singer's critics don't realize she has.

We see the Cannibal Queen weeping on the phone in the car, sobbing, "I don't think I'm ready!" Next up she's backstage in her all her fish-netted glory, lamenting, " ... I think I have to puke." She also cries later on when she learns that private photos leaked online, but not out of her own embarrassment: "My family shouldn't have to deal with this."

She doesn't get teary, however, when she reflects on her first love, who she admits inspired most of her songs. Instead, she's reflective, mature and wise ... but she does do a driveby of his place, gagging, "This is where Harold lives with his new girlfriend."

In other scenes, K-Dollar Sign reads criticism about herself (someone called her shaved head "lame"), and later quips, "I keep having penis dreams."

Not all of Kesha's dreams are phallic, however. "We're documenting the change from people thinking I'm disposable," she explained. "It's scary when you realize your dreams, because dreams end -- and I don't want this to end. This is my life. My crazy, beautiful life."