Kesha made three new friends on MTV's 'Nikki & Sara Live' last night (Jan. 29). The 'C'Mon' singer was the first guest ever on the season premiere of the show, and the hostesses Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer clearly did their research: When Kesha was on the cover of Seventeen, she mentioned in her interview that she never wanted to do another interview without a kitten present ... so they brought her one!

"It's part of your gift bag," Schaefer joked.

The Cannibal Queen rocked super long buttery blond waves and a brocade print burgundy suit. She snuggled with the little fur ball, squealing, "It's such a tiny baby!" She explained that she began working as an ambassador for the Humane Society because she likes animals more than people, and that she thinks she was a lion in a past life.

Kesha also touched on her new documentary series, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life,' and what it'll cover. "It's everything. It's the highs, it's the lows, it's the wasted in Vegas, it's the hung over the next day. It's crying, tears -- blood, sweat, tears," she gushed. "Everything -- when I lost my voice before I played at Glastonbury and I felt like I was swallowing razor blades to when I had to take a p--- in a plant and I put it in somebody else's dressing room."

Other revelations? Kesha reveals more about having sex with a ghost -- and other famous ghosts she'd be willing to hook up with, how she likes "sort of ugly dudes" and the writing process for 'Warrior.' And yes, it's as hilarious as you think.