After arriving in South America, making a grand entrance with a stuffed shark covering her face, Kesha continued to party up a storm while on the continent. She had a busy day in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, Oct. 2, with lots of photos of the 'Sleazy' star surfacing, many of which are not exactly flattering. But hey, she was off the clock and having a good time and frolicking with friends like most average citizens, so we can't fault her for that.

Oh No They Didn't posted a bevy of Kesha photos, many of which feature the singer wearing a black one-piece bathing suit, strolling with friends and taking a dip in the ocean. There was a bit of a nip slip, with the waves pulling down her top a wee bit. There's also pics of Kesha in a swimming pool, presumably at her hotel, where she is tossing back some drinks and making out with both male and female pals. One of the friends even pulls her bottoms down. That photo is NSFW, so be careful.

There is one photo we have to give Kesha a verbal slap on the wrist over, tough. It is the one where she is walking in her swimsuit, without shoes, in the street. Kesh, that's so Britney, circa 2002. She doesn't even do that anymore. It's not exactly safe or sanitary, and it's murder on your soles! We know you can get 100 pedicures to fix any damage, but it's just not conduct becoming a international pop star. Come on Kesh! Grab a pair of flip flops. They're like 50 cents at Old Navy and are easy to pack in your carry on luggage.